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Planned Q1 2017

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In a world where spirit creatures are known to visit the human world, a plant spirit by the name of Rose is lost and stranded while others from the spirit realm seek to hunt her down. Through a chance encounter Rose is taken in by a local indie game studio who know nothing of Rose's dark and mysterious past. The studio, struggling to hit their deadlines from being unexpectedly short handed, offer Rose a job and somewhere to stay.

While the presence of spirits in the human world are considered common knowledge, actually seeing one is quite a rare thing and people are sometimes wary of them. Not all spirits wish to coexist peacefully, but you could be forgiven for forgetting that when it comes to Rose. An adorable and naive natured girl whose only identifying traits are long flowing gentle green hair and a small leaf protruding from her hair that you might occasionally notice twitching and moving relative to her mood.

Things in this world reflect a world you might already know, you might see things that make you feel almost at home... But be mindful that not everything here is as it seems... You are not as you seem... Rose is oblivious to the danger she faces, but you know what she will face, you will be there with her and maybe you might be able to protect her naivety and shield her from the darkness around the corner.

You musn't be swayed by the lies the others tell you. You are our only hope, it can only be you... because... you're a human... she won't suspect you.


  • Responsive Character Animation: Using Esoteric's 2D animation software (Spine), Casually Rose utilizes real time character animations that provide a rich emotional and immersive experience for the player.
  • Light & Engaging Story: The story of Casually Rose follows the main character Rose through her arrival in a new world and the challenges she faces trying to fit in. The story flirts with a light and playful tone while still harbouring a deep and intriguing tale deep under the surface.
  • 2.5D Background Environments: Adding to the immersiveness of the character animations, Casually Rose supports a number of scenes with an almost 3D like quality and makes use of this to add a whole extra level of depth to the visual novel genre.
  • Dialog Rewind: Knowing how easy it is to accidently skip through a piece of dialog, Casually Rose adds in support to backtrack through previous dialogs, so you can re-experience it without requiring a save point.
  • Enhanced Dialog System: After analyzing normal speech patterns, Casually Rose implemented a system to simulate these patterns in the text to provide a richer experience for the player.

About Project

Casually Rose is a story that follows the events of our Company Mascot Rose as she came to be in our employ. It is a comical game that dances on the edge of mystery as a strange girl from an unknown world turns up on the door step of the game studio.

We set out to create this game after being approached by numerous fans that had started to see the artworks arise from the concepts of Rose. They were quite vocally passionate in expressing their wishes to see Rose be more than just a mascot, they wanted to see her in the games we make. So we took a break from our major project and set out on the Journey of breathing life into Rose and the world that she inhabits. It didn't take long to fall in love with this project, from the moment we saw Rose smile to when she spoke her first words, we knew that this game was something that needed to be shared with the world.